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What Does Social Media Do For Us?

Have you ever felt like social media was negatively impacting your life? Don’t get me wrong, social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook have given me the opportunity to share my thoughts and adventures. learn new things about business, philosophy, and even reconnect with friends. Sometimes however, I feel like it has become destructive. Sharing things to feed my ego, claiming that it’s to promote and advertise. Becoming overloading with memes and news. Digesting passive aggressive or full-blown aggressive statements and comments from people who would never talk that way in person.

These platforms give all, good and bad way too much confidence without consequence. When I look at my own return on investment with “social media” it has become anything but. I began to only serve my ego, not my community.

So, in what might be a rash decision iv deleted these apps off my phone. This simply means I don’t have easy access to Facebook and Instagram. I must open my laptop or go jump on my iPad. I no longer have the ability to distract myself with useless scrolling. I can no longer seek to infuriate myself with the stupidity of others. I no longer feed my ego with claims of advertisement. That is the goal at least. Return to using these platforms as a tool, not become the tool. I will still check in every now and again to make sure I’m not ignoring those who are seeking assistance. I still plan to show off my adventures on Facebook and remind you when I post them with Instagram. I still plan on making a Facebook group for crazy adventures (That will go up this coming week). However, you can say I am taking a break for now and will see how it feels. I might find things don’t affect me nearly as much and its ok not to care about it.

Why am I sharing this? Well I feel as though we all may benefit from a break to assess what our own world is about. What is life like, when we are not looking at everyone else’s?

I can say for myself the last few days have been very calm and a little lonely but in a strange way relieving. If someone really wants to contact me it always been through text or phone call. If I really want to hear someone’s opinion or share mine, I can always start up a conversation with someone in person or through messaging. I find that spending time reading or even playing games on my phone are far more beneficial then scrolling through the same set of memes resurfaced to fit todays social jest. All in all, I no longer feel as though I must care for people that could care less about me. I can now focus my time on helping those that can truly benefit from my services.

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