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Reestablishing a Routine

After a great month of house sitting, I am ready to get back to my own routine. Don’t get me wrong, house sitting is a mutually beneficial experience. I get to have a little time away, almost like a vacation, while my clients can leave town comfortably.

Getting back on track can seem overwhelming, what to do first? So many things pile up that it can be hard to even get started. That’s where building a solid routine is an important aspect in business, exercise and even in life. When in doubt you can fall blindly back on your routine.

For myself, cleaning my workspace and room seem to be the first things that need to be checked off the list. Having a clean workspace is beneficial to overall production. By the time I returned home for the new month, I had a pile of bills and receipts on my desk that needed processing. Even now, I am having a hard time writing this letter while shuffling around papers.

A clean room really comes down to a reflection of how much order we have in life. If your anything like me, it’s a constant flux in moments of chaos, followed by a calm of cleanliness. Never staying in one state for too long, always changing.

When looking to resume normal working function after a long break, the hardest thing is to start. Discovering a routine, you can fall back on and use to your benefit is important. Just as we use a routine to stay consistent, a bad routine can be destructive. If we decide to routinely drink a beer in the morning, it could prove to be counterproductive in the long term. To keep myself in check, I will look inward and ask, “what is the most optimal action I could take?” regarding fitness, business, and planning my days. With this question I keep myself from absent minded actions and falling to the whims of others.

As I begin to fall back into my own routine, you can expect to see more about the “Elevated Lunge” this month. This exercise has been crucial in the recovery from the injury I incurred in July.

As always, I appreciate you for reading and following along.


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