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It Has Been Too Long Since We Have Spoken

I want to let you all know how I have progressed and what will be in store form week to week. Since my last newsletter, a lot has happened. I began to work for myself, continuing as a personal trainer. I have found a new passion in photography and made a YouTube Channel to showcase my adventures. I struggled with overcoming anxiety and fear of the unknown. I’ve found new ways to challenge myself physically and mentally. I have seen the old Justice die. Struggling to let go, I was almost pulled down alongside. It was almost as if the world had given me this opportunity within the chaos to struggle and grow into a new man.

If you haven’t been working with me apart of my new solo training business or following along my social medial platforms you may not recognize me today. My time once spent in a gym working out with weights, now is consumed with mountains, running ridges, or trying new hobbies like downhill mountain biking, or adventure photography. Gaining muscle and lifting heavy weights are no longer my goals, but rather pushing my body and mind to new levels. I would like to keep in contact with you all more, making sure we all recognize one another once we all breathe easy again. I plan to make journal entries with info about my recent adventures, where and when you can find my newest videos, and how my business is growing.


This week 7/12-7/19

I took my paddle board out for the first time this summer. I could see the rain clouds off in the distance, but I was ready to enjoy a little shower. I always have my board in the car, so if you are looking to float just let me know. On Tuesday I took my friend out for a hike and tricked her into some elevation. We tackled the O’Malley gully and got a great overlook of the city. I learned that my new hiking friend did not need to be tricked into pushing herself. I was the one lagging trying to keep up. The middle of the week is a great day for me to catch up on work. I have personal training clients in the morning and privet swim lessons in the afternoon. I take the day to reconnect with everyone and make sure I am keeping up with exercise programs. Thursday I was invited to go on a walk with friends down Powerline Pass trail. We walked enjoying the nice easy vibe and catching up on life during lockdown. I planned to hike Ptarmigan Peak on the weekend, and this was a perfect opportunity to size up the beast. After looking over some reviews and checking the weather Saturday was the chosen day. I was joined by Kevin Rangel luckily because this was the scariest and most intense hikes I have done to date. We started form Rabbit lake trail head and broke off once we could see Ptarmigan Pass. The trail disappears as you begin up the valley side. Once on the pass could see a faint trail leading up the west ridge of the mountain. The trail slowly turns into class 3, 3+ hand over hand climb/scramble. It was a fantastic test in controlling emotions like fear and anxiety in the face of pressure. One of my favorite quotes from a fictitious story is “Can a man still be brave if he's afraid? “That is the only time a man can be brave”. We made the eight mile round trip in just over five hours, tackling 3,337 ft of hard-fought elevation. The rest of the weekend was spent decompressing and readying myself for the coming week.

So, what's next?

Well I have a reunion hike with old coworkers and friends coming up on the 25th down in Seward. A brand spanking new downhill bike on its way that needs to be broken in eventually. And plenty of footage that I need to piece together with my new editing program.


Many of you might be asking, “Where can I see these adventure you speak of on that their YouTubes?” Well just click this YouTube link, and go on your own virtual adventures. If you would like to support my channel, subscribe so advertiser see that my content has value to you.

When thinking to yourself “Justice, where might I find your collection of writings and journal entries?”. You can rest assured I post them on my website under “My Writings”. Click JGR Fitness to find yourself right where you want to be. I create and maintain the whole thing solodolo 😉.

To keep somewhat in virtual contact, you can always follow me on my Instagram or Facebook accounts. I will usually post behind the scenes clips and pictures on these platforms.


I want to thank all and invite you to help me expand this network by sharing any of my work that might interest you. It may be my services in exercise and fitness to the writings of mental health and philosophy of movement. Know, that all effort is noticed and appreciated.

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